Linda Woolfson MA PhD (Cantab)                                             


Time for You director Linda Woolfson has a lifelong interest in creativity.

As a copywriter and translator Linda is a professional word-hunter with extensive experience of tracking that elusive phrase hidden just beyond the boundary of awareness. Over the years she evolved a personal repertoire of creative processes to help her in her work. These playful activities worked so well that she started delving into the creative process and its power. Friends who loved what she was doing urged her to start sharing her findings more widely and Time for You was born.

From the perspective of a fascinated explorer Linda’s enthusiasm for the creative process is endless and infectious. Her unique Time for You workshops are fuelled by her strong motivation to share her discoveries. While exploring the creative process and developing Time for You, Linda discovered SoulCollage® and was so inspired by it that she went to California to train as a SoulCollage® facilitator. She continues to stimulate and support many people as a catalyst of their creativity.

Linda studied Modern Languages at Girton College, Cambridge and has a Cambridge PhD in modern French Literature. Having taught language-related skills and guided people aged 10-90 to access their creativity, she has energised many to forge a new connection with their talent and potential.