Time For You workshops to fire your imagination!                                

Ease yourself back into your creative flow.

Time for You workshops are designed to help you rediscover the innate creative flow that goes underground in many adults.

Time for You activities will inspire you to connect with the magic of your own creative process, encouraging you to get absorbed in a stream of pleasurable activity and supporting you as you reactivate your imagination.

Gentle, easy immersion works wonders
. As you ease yourself gently into a flow of enjoyable activity, your “inner critic” will recede, giving centre stage to your intuitive capacity to generate forms, words, patterns and fresh perceptions.

Awakening all your senses boosts your creative flow.

A Time for You workshop is an emporium for the senses. An array of colourful, tactile materials and creativity-inducing music will fill you with a sense of abundance as you enter a freewheeling zone where the “can’t dos” disappear and the “can dos” emerge.

As you shift gently into a more intuitive gear you will also find that you can listen with enhanced enjoyment to music and to stories. Come and connect with your hidden potential. Discover what the Time for You experience releases in you.

Discover you own uniqueness

The Time for You experience will boost your imagination, stimulating you to discover your uniqueness. Guided by a skilful and sensitive facilitator, your confidence will surge, and you will find yourself engaging with your own creative capacity.

Where, when, how?

Linda Woolfson runs workshops in Portugal and London, and elsewhere by special request.

You can choose from the existing portfolio of Time for You programmes or ask me to design a workshop to meet your own particular ideas and dreams. Groups are kept small to ensure that every Time For You workshop is personal and interactive.

Next workshop: Slow Down or The Wisdom of Snails

A workshop designed to entertain you while shifting your perspective on the role of time in your life.

Slacken your pace. Breathe deeper. Find out how slow motion can release your creativity.

Location: Gracelands Yard, Kensal Green, London NW10 3QE. (www.gracelandsyard.com)

Date and Time: Thursday May 23 2013. 10.30am to 2.00pm.          Book now.




Email: tfy@releaseyourcreativity.com to find out more.