What workshop participants have said about Time for You

A great chance to re-explore some creativity. Creative, interesting, releasing! (M. M.)

I really loved your enthusiasm about creativity and you are able to stimulate people in doing new things. It is good for (at least my) self confidence. (A. I.)

The abundance of materials is inspiring.
(M. E.)

An opportunity to let your ‘child’ out. It renews my faith in my own ability to create. [S. L.-S.]

I like the combination of words and images interwoven as the workshop unfolds. (T. S.)

I think what you provide is really quite special and I loved my day. (S. H.)

A breath of fresh air in the routine of daily life. A pleasurable ‘time out’ from responsibility. I thought I was not creative but did more than I ever thought. (J. H.)


Invigorating, insightful. I loved the lightness, the lack of judgement, the bubble-blowing, the music. (N. V.-M.)

Helps expand the borders of the imagination. Spot on with music, colour, setting. Highly stimulating. (J. W.)

I would like to thank you for the wonderful session which you hosted today. I think that all of us enjoyed it immensely. I am also quite certain that a great deal of learning took place – albeit quite subliminal! (S. D.)


Do you think Time for You will have an effect on your everyday life?

To view things differently – not as we are conditioned to do. (S. J.)

Not to be afraid of challenging my own mindy with new and innovative approaches to everyday experiences and concepts. (C. P-V)

I will not forget to keep the creative part of my life active. (B. L.)

No judgement about any of my production. (N. V-M)

I can still surprise myself. (I. C.)

Doing things ‘just for fun’. (M. da L. R.)

I will tell people to try it. A valuable way to re-address your thoughts and make time for yourself. (T. T.)

Reminds me that there is more to life than just taking care of practical realities. (A. F.)

What workshop participants have said about the benefits of SoulCollage®

A replenishing and sociable way to explore inner world and imagination. (K. M.)

Enjoyable, especially for the cerebral and busy. (R. M.)

Access to a rich array of images and permission to play. (I. S.)

The workshop was wonderfully cathartic! Very therapeutic and has made me feel full of energy - thank you! (J. F.)

The workshop built my confidence in my ability to create. (L. M.)

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